Data Communications

Here at SCADA Solutions, we work with and install many radio, cell modem, and satellite communication brands.   It all depends on the location of your sites.  If you have a cluster of locations in a 10 mile area, then a radio can be your best and cheapest way.  If your locations is spread out all over, but has cell network nearby, then cellular modems may be the best.   If your location is out of cell coverage, then satellite probably is your best way to get your data back.


We have been doing communication for over 25 years, and have tried most of what is out there to use.  Let us help you to easily get your important data back to your office. 


All our technician are well trained to work with each brand of equipment, so whatever is needed you can be sure we can maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the system.


 Data Communications Brads we work with:

  • SkyEdge II Satellite Unit
  • GE MDS Radio
  • Phoenix Contact
  • FreeWave Technologies
  • OleumTech wireless I/O
  • Sixnet cellular modems
  • Sierra Wireless cellular modems
  • Banner Wireless